RNLA Chair Randy Evan's Expertise on the Republican Convention and Delegate Processes

As the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination continues to be competitive, Randy Evans, RNLA’s Chair and a member of the Republican National Committee, has been sharing his expertise on the delegate selection process and the Republican National Convention.  Here are some of his recent statements:

On March 18, Randy spoke to the Atlanta Journal Constitution and provided "Five answers about an open Republican convention in Cleveland."  The key point is the Party will not try to change the rules to work against a candidate:

Q: Will the party change the rules to try to prevent a Trump nomination?
A: No. As a member of the Rules Committee, I can say there is no appetite to rig the convention. On the other hand, there are a number of rules proposals that the RNC Rules Committee will take up at the RNC spring meeting in April. They range from unbinding delegates to changing the number of states required for nomination to permitting pledging of delegates.
By then, we will have better picture of where things are, but I do not expect any significant rules changes. We may have to consider some modifications to address the logistics of an open convention if that remains a realistic possibility, but we will just have to wait and see on that.

While the rules committee process will be fair and no one is out to favor one candidate or another, there are still issues of legitimate debate. For example, Randy explained an issue  regarding the withdrawn candidates:

Another issue the RNC is likely to take up at its April meeting is the status of delegates belonging to candidates who have suspended their campaigns. “There’s a genuine debate on the rules committee, as to how a suspended candidacy or a terminated or withdrawn candidacy operates to release their delegates. 
“I think each candidate who earned those delegates should have an important say,” Evans said. 

More recently in the Augusta Chronicle, Randy summed up that this is still an election:

“They know at the end of the day it is just about counting noses. We’ll have a vote, and at the end of the day, you win the vote or lose the vote,” said Randy Evans, the Republican committeeman from Georgia and a member of the national convention’s Rules Committee.

We wish to thank Randy and the other hard working men and women of the Republican National Committee for striving for a fair process.  Randy is available for interviews; contact [email protected] for more information.