San Francisco Liberals Reject Soft-on-Crime DA

In California's primary election yesterday, San Francisco voters overwhelmingly voted to recall rogue liberal prosecutor Chesa Boudin, whose soft-on-crime policies have led to rising crime across the city. The headlines say it all – Progressive San Francisco DA recalled by voters in one of nation's most liberal cities:

San Francisco voted to recall Boudin with 61%, compared to 39% who wanted him to stay as the district attorney, according to results at the time the Associated Press called the race.

[Boudin] faced an onslaught of criticism over his progressive criminal justice policies as those supporting his recall pointed to an increased murder rate, violent crime, shoplifting, burglaries, and an open-air drug trade as reasons to vote for his removal from office.

The question is not what Boudin did to get recalled, it’s what he did not do:

Momentum to recall Boudin picked up steam throughout 2021 as hate crimes against Asian Americans in San Francisco increased dramatically and victims blamed Boudin, saying he was siding with criminals. Recall supporters also pointed to car break-ins and viral smash-and-grab robberies at major retail stores, claiming they were becoming common occurrences as consequences of Boudin's policies. 

LDF has already raised the alarm again and again on George Soros-backed rogue prosecutors, including Milwaukee’s John Chisholm and Los Angeles’ George Gascon. But as San Francisco voters overwhelmingly prevailed in recalling Boudin, a new effort to oust other rogue prosecutors is gaining steam.

While Boudin was the first to be recalled he may not be the last, for As CBS reports, Los Angeles DA George Gascon may soon find himself on the same chopping block as Boudin for his soft-on-crime policies:

In Los Angeles, organizers are now close to gathering enough signatures to force a recall vote for their district attorney, George Gascon. He was elected in 2020 and previously served as San Francisco's DA. His resignation and subsequent move to Southern California paved the way for Boudin to take office. 

Fox echoed the same:

Tonight showed that voters from every community and every walk of life, regardless of political ideology, are rejecting pro-criminal policies that are masked as criminal justice reform," said a representative of the Recall Gascon Campaign. "George Gascón and Chesa Boudin’s failed social experiments have destroyed communities while doing nothing to meaningfully reform the system. If LA County voters sign and return their recall petitions, Gascon will be walking the same plank in the near future"

The recall of Boudin is a sign that even the most progressive voters reject the Democrats' stance on crime.  RNLA will continue to expose the dangers of rogue prosecutors whose soft-on-crime policies are hurting Americans and applauds San Francisco voters for taking a stand.