SCOTUS Has Exposed Liberal Lies on ACB and Court Packing

Thursday's decisions by the Supreme Court were a major defeat for certain Democrat politicians and liberal activists. Yes, Obamacare was preserved in a 7-2 decision, and in another 9-0 decision, religious liberty was preserved. But liberal court packing activists lost yesterday. As the Committee for Justice wrote:

Consider the contrast between reality and Democrats' exaggerated predictions and fear mongering. Last fall, during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Amy Coney Barrett, Democratic senator after Democratic senator told stories of constituents who would suffer, if not die, were Barrett confirmed. She would provide the fifth "far right" vote for striking down the Affordable Care Act, they said, some of them implying that Barrett had promised President Trump to strike down the ACA in return for her nomination. . . .

Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed, but so much for closely divided far right decisions and constituents robbed of health insurance by a nefarious deal between Barrett and Trump. Instead, what we got today was a 7-2 rejection of the challenge to the ACA with Barrett in the majority, a unanimous and narrow decision protecting religious objections to same-sex marriage, and an overall picture of a moderate Court which will sometimes disappoint liberals, sometimes disappoint conservatives, and often the split the baby.

Beyond Senate Democrats looking foolish, why does this matter? Because Democrats and their allies on the Left are doing it again: using exaggerated predictions and scare tactics—Roe v. Wade will be overturned, Jim Crow will return, democracy will die, etc.—to convince us that their radical plan to pack the Supreme Court with Biden appointees is imperative.

While Democrats claim their court packing proposals are about making the Supreme Court less partisan or more balanced, the opposite is true. Their proposals are aimed at sweeping away the current balanced composition of the Court, which results in decisions that anger conservatives as often as liberals, and creating a Court that will reliably ratify and advance the Left's political agenda.

Longtime Senate Judiciary Committee member and Chairman Senator Chuck Grassley noted:

Casey Mattox put out a humorous tweet that is unfortunately accurate:

Court packing threats and “dark money” conspiracies are really about threatening the Court. As Matt Whitlock noted:

But today was not just about liberals' lies on Justice Barrett being exposed; it was also a big win for religious liberty.

And in another blow against “court packing," the Court decided the case unanimously!

The Court is not a partisan body unlike its highly partisan liberal detractors. While not perfect, it is doing its job to defend the Constitution to the best of its ability. Democrat politicians need to leave the Supreme Court alone.