Senate Dems are Willing to Mar Legacies with Reckless Vote on Rules Change

On Tuesday, the Senate officially began consideration of the Democrats' latest partisan power grab, the "Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act."

Even though it is doomed to fail, Senate Democrats led by Chuck Schumer are moving forward with a plan to abolish the filibuster to pass the legislation. Fox News reported:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Tuesday issued a stern warning to Republicans and Democrat defenders of the filibuster ahead of upcoming votes on Democrats' election bills: "We are going to vote. We are all going to go on the record."

Schumer, D-N.Y., made the comments immediately after opening floor debate on a piece of legislation the House passed last week combining two major Democrat-backed elections bills. He promised that the Senate will not only vote on the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act, but also on whether to defang the Senate's 60-vote filibuster if Republicans block them, as they are expected to. 

"As we debate these measures, the Senate will confront the critical question: Shall the members of this chamber do what is necessary to pass these bills and bring them closer to the president's desk?" Schumer said. "Today we have just taken the first steps that will put everyone, everyone on the record."

Leader McConnell said on Senate floor:

“Voting to break this institution will not be a free vote or a harmless action, even if their effort fails.

“An unprincipled attempt at grabbing power is not harmless just because it fails. Voting to break the Senate is not cost-free just because a bipartisan majority of your colleagues have the wisdom to stop you.

“It’s amazing that our colleagues are this in thrall to radical activists.

“We have inflation, a pandemic, rampant violent crime, a border crisis, and the possibility of a war on the European continent.

“But rather than work on any of that, Senate Democrats want to mar their own legacies with a reckless procedural vote they know will fail.

“A faction this desperate for unlimited short-term power is a faction that must be denied it.”

Democrats are so power-hungry that they would change the rules to get what they want. No doubt, this will harm their legacies.