Senate Judiciary Advances AG Nominee Barr and 44 Judicial Nominees

Today, at the end of a long executive business meeting, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to report favorably the nominations of William Barr to be Attorney General and 44 judicial nominees, including circuit court nominees Bridget S. Bade (Ninth Circuit), Paul B. Matey (Third Circuit), Eric D. Miller (Ninth Circuit), Eric E. Murphy (Sixth Circuit), Chad A. Readler (Sixth Circuit), and Allison Jones Rushing (Fourth Circuit).  The judicial nominees had previously had hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee but were held up by Democrats' delays and obstructions, so they had to be re-nominated by President Trump in this Congress.

The hearing began with Chairman Lindsey Graham announcing his blue slip policy.  He will continue the policy of Chairman Grassley and 17 of 19 Senate Judiciary Chairmen and not allow one or two "home state" senators to have a veto on a circuit court nominee as long as there has been consultation with them by the White House.



The Democrats spent the rest of the meeting 1) awkwardly trying to explain why they and those in their party supported and praised Bill Barr in the past but would not now, 2) defending their intrusive questions into and criticisms of nominees' religious beliefs, and 3) criticizing the 44 nominees for not being "conservative" according to their own definitions, being Federalist Society members, and defending their clients in court.



Regarding Bill Barr's nomination to be Attorney General, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said today on the Senate floor:

In William Barr, President Trump has nominated a tried-and-true public servant and a proven professional to lead the men and women of the Department of Justice.

Testifying before the Committee last month, Mr. Barr expressed his unwavering commitment to "the rule of law, the Constitution, and the American people." But my colleagues don’t have to take his word for it. Having served as Attorney General once before, Mr. Barr’s qualifications and job performance speak for themselves.

On both sides of the aisle, Senators were vocal in their praise for the "independent voice" of "an honorable guy," William Barr. . . . And before us is a nominee who remains eminently well-qualified to discharge these duties. The Senate needs to act quickly to put William Barr back to work at the Justice Department. I hope and expect he will be confirmed next week.

Thank you to Chairman Graham and the Senate Judiciary Republicans, these nominations are moving forward and thanks to Leader McConnell, they will soon be taken up on the Senate floor.  Follow the RNLA on Twitter for updates on these nominations.  Tomorrow is the last day to sign RNLA's letter to the Senate in support of Bill Barr's confirmation.