Senator Chuck Grassley: Tacking Tough Issues as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee

The RNLA is pleased to announce the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley will address our October DC Luncheon.

Senator Chuck Grassley holds the record for the longest record of not missing a vote of any senator in office, showing respect for the public trust he holds.  Grassley serves as Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, where he works for a competitive marketplace with antitrust enforcement and tort reform, to reward innovation and invention with an updated patent system, and for legal immigration that will help America’s economy grow.  Grassley has led a campaign to open up the federal judiciary by allowing cameras in courtrooms, and he is unmatched in his legislative and oversight work to protect whistleblowers, both in and out of government, who speak up about wrongdoing for the public good.  Grassley is an advocate for victims of crime and a leader in the fight to keep illegal drugs out of the hands of young people.  He leads efforts to safeguard America’s freedom with effective anti-terrorism and domestic security policies. Grassley also serves as a senior member of the Senate Committee on the Budget, where he applies his personal frugality to the public purse, and on the Senate Committee on Agriculture, where he brings real-life experience as a family farmer to farm policy.

Some key issues:


Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal


Senate Judiciary Committee and Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee chairmen Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson are considering next steps to obtain the testimony of former State Department and Clinton family employee Bryan Pagliano, who was reportedly paid to maintain Clinton’s personal server in New York while she was Secretary of State.  Chairmen Grassley and Johnson indicated that these next steps may include, if appropriate, seeking an immunity order.


Improving Oversight of the DOJ


[Senator Grassley] introduced legislation creating an Inspector General for the judicial branch to provide greater oversight and uphold the constitutional checks and balances on the federal judiciary. The Judicial Transparency and Ethics Enhancement Act would establish an independent office to investigate claims of fraud, waste and misconduct, and ensure that the judiciary is carrying out its duties free from corruption, bias and hypocrisy.

State Department Emails Raise Questions about Vetting Process, Conflicts for Pres. Clinton Speeches


State Department ethics officials ere not included on recently-released emails in which top Clinton aides debated potential conflicts that former President Bill Clinton’s speaking engagements may have posed for Hillary Clinton in her role as the nation’s top diplomat.  In some emails, Bill Clinton aides and State Department officials agree to direct speaking fees to the Clinton Foundation in an attempt to mitigate any conflict concerns.  Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley is asking the State Department about its agency ethics official’s involvement in the potential speech and consulting vetting process.

Grassley Pursues Inquiry into Planned Parenthood Fetal Tissue Transfers


Senator Grassley previously made an inquiry to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and more recently has requested information from each of the Planned Parenthood affiliates regarding each affiliate’s fetal tissue policies as well as copies of documents such as policies, presentations, guidance, and communications related to its facilitation of the procurement and distribution of fetal tissue.


Please join the RNLA on Wednesday, October 7 where Senator Grassley will discuss issues before the Judiciary Committee and take RNLA members' questions.Purchase your ticket here.