Sore Loser Abrams Inspires Hillary Clinton to Whine Some More

Despite the election being almost three years ago, former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton restarted her whiny, sore-loser tour Tuesday accusing Republicans of all kinds of election malfeasance.  According to The Hill she was inspired to restart her groundless attacks and excuse tour by 2018’s sorest loser Stacey Abrams.

On Tuesday, addressing a group of about 300 people in Washington, Clinton said she was moved back into the spotlight by work done by those such as Stacey Abrams, the Democratic nominee for governor in Georgia in 2018. 

Abrams has said that election was stolen from her and formed a voting rights group to combat allegations of suppression at the polls.

RNLA Vice President for Communications Harmeet Dhillon debunked Abrams' claims in a recent op-ed. 

Abrams did not lose a close election. She lost by 54,723 votes. Compare this to Democratic Vice President Al Gore’s loss in the 2000 presidential election in Florida (537 votes), Republican Sen. Norm Coleman reelection loss in Minnesota in 2008 (312 votes), or even Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson’s loss in Florida last year (10,033 votes) . . . .

Abrams has never conceded – instead, she proffers wild conspiracy theories about how the election was “rigged,” even as she admits to The New York Times: “I have no empirical evidence that I would have achieved a higher number of votes.”

Hillary is slightly better than Abrams at her renewed gripe in that she at least cites a number. 

Clinton said that in 2016, 200,000 people in Wisconsin were turned away from the polls.

The only problem with citing a number is that it is bogus.  Even the left-leaning Polifact called her out on using this number in past rating it "mostly false."  The Hill ironically lists a more plausible partial reason for Hillary losing Wisconsin in the next sentence:

Clinton has often faced criticism for not visiting Wisconsin during the 2016 campaign.

This is not about “voter suppression.”  As Ms. Dhillon described in the earlier article on Stacey Abrams:

Stacey Abrams announced her Fair Fight 2020 campaign last weekend. It is equally troubling that anyone is taking this new effort – ostensibly to fight voter suppression – seriously. It is not about minority voter suppression – it is about Democrats winning all elections, because that is their only definition of a “fair fight.”

Abrams said of her effort: “What we’re going to do through Fair Fight 2020 is we’re going to fight back. But we’re fighting early. We’re doing this now. We’re not waiting until we have a nominee. Because no matter who the Democratic nominee is, they’re going to win Georgia.”

Gone is any pretense of a level playing field and poll access – Democrats will win, voters be damned!

That is what the whining of Clinton and Abrams is all about.  They never accept they lost and instead claim the other side cheated.  It is time that people wake up and realize this is not about “voter suppression” but undermining democracy.