Stacey Abrams Won a Primary, But Lost All Credibility

Stacey Abrams once again won the Democrat nomination for Governor of Georgia last night after running unopposed.  However, she lost her credibility in the process as her claims of voter suppression were proven entirely wrong.  Ever since she was defeated by over 50,000 votes in 2018, Abrams has not stopped fighting "voter suppression" in Georgia and across the nation.  When Georgia’s mainstream election reforms (S.B. 202) were passed in 2021, she claimed this would result in even more voter suppression.  In reality, this could not be further from the truth.  First, let's look at the facts as made evident by yesterday's Democratic Primary in Georgia:

In other words, not only did the law decried as “Jim Crow 2.0,” “Jim Crow on steroids,” and “Jim Eagle” increase overall turnout; under the new law, 27 percent more people voted in the Democratic primary — even with an uncontested race. This is the odd voter-suppression bill that results in many, many, many more people voting. (emphasis in original)

Abrams' response to the record turnout was, at best, incoherent, leaving many reporters scratching their heads:

As Nick Arama wrote in an article entitled “Stacey Abrams' Spin on Voter Turnout in Georgia Defies Belief.”

Yep, don’t look at the fact that her lie just go blown up; let her try to sling more b.s. This is where Democrats are right now. They just keep lying — even when the truth is right there, obvious for all to see.

These reforms went a long way to improve Georgia's elections, as made clear by the issues experienced in other states where woke activists were successful, unlike Abrams, in derailing commonsense election reforms.  These states, like Pennsylvania, stand in stark contrast to states like Georgia that passed meaningful election reform: 

“Georgia’s record turnout and efficient voting procedures have completely debunked the Left’s lies about voter suppression,” she added in an email. “By strengthening voter ID requirements, increasing mandatory days of early weekend voting, and preventing interest groups from election interference, Georgia has seen renewed confidence in their state’s election procedures and record-setting voter turnout.”

“In contrast, we have also seen problems in states, like Pennsylvania, who have not strengthened their election laws,” she continued. “After Governor Wolf vetoed legislation to reform and secure Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballot procedures, there have been issues in counting the ballots and, to this day, we still don’t have a final result from that election.”

“It is clear that these election reform efforts work in promoting turnout from all backgrounds by making it easier to vote and harder to cheat,” Anderson remarked.

No one should listen to Stacy Abrams’ self-serving and wrong statements on voter suppression, especially not the voters of Georgia.  Voter turnout broke records in Georgia yesterday in large part to S.B. 202's commonsense reforms boosting voter confidence in the integrity of the process, and that is something every Georgian should be proud of.