Stein's Recounts Are Not About the Election Results

The current recounts of the presidential election requested or planned by Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party are not about ensuring the integrity of the election outcomes:

RNLA President Larry Levy said: “The cynical and false narrative being pushed by Jill Stein and the Green Party that they are trying to ensure all votes were properly counted is nothing more than an effort to undermine our democracy and proud history of peaceful administration change through contested elections. Ms. Stein doesn’t concern herself with any contests won by Secretary Clinton, including the razor thin margin she enjoyed in New Hampshire, rather she is attempting to disrupt the Electoral College vote for Donald J. Trump in an un-American and vulgar attempt to delegitimize the next President chosen by the American people. And Secretary Clinton’s support for this effort is a disgrace that exposes the hypocrisy she practices.  

“We cannot and will not stand silent in the face of this malicious effort to undermine our democracy. Join the Republican National Lawyers Association and all people of good will in fighting this insidious attack and show the world that democratic elections still count in America.”  

RNLA Board of Governors Member John Ryder further explained: “A recount does not shift more than a few hundred votes unless there are allegations of irregularities or vote fraud. There are no such allegations in this case.”

Dr. Stein has said in multiple interviews that she is not attempting to change the outcome of the election through her recount requests.  But she, with the support of Hillary Clinton, is putting states and election officials through an expensive process in a fool's errand to accomplish a victory through the press that liberals could not accomplish at the polls.