Suicide Leads to Uncovering Massive Vote Fraud Scheme in Texas

The vote fraud deniers on the left have ignored the vote fraud in New York to such an extent that election officials feel comfortable asking authorities to prosecute police for uncovering the fraud.  I wonder how the left will ignore the vote fraud reported in their bible, the New York Times, yesterday. 

As is all too often the case, it took an extreme circumstance (the suicide of an elected official) to bring the vote fraud to light in Donna, Texas


Three women working as politiqueras in the 2012 elections in Donna were arrested by F.B.I. agents in December and accused of giving residents cash, drugs, beer and cigarettes in exchange for their votes.


This is important because the politiqueras are the people rounding up the fraudulent votes.  This is not, as is too often the case, the voter who voted illegally that got caught but the organizers.  Now while the “politiqueras” were allegedly focused on School Board races in heavily Democrat Hidalgo County, the effect was much broader


“In Donna, we’ve always had suspicions that some people were not running clean campaigns,” said René Guerra, the district attorney in Hidalgo County, which includes Donna. He said that if a shady practice could be part of school board elections, “I’m sure it happened in the county election.”


Mr. Guerra said that vote buying was hard to prove, and that he lacked the manpower to investigate the 2012 elections.


The last part is key because that is almost always the issue.  The local DA thought vote fraud was happening, thinks it is broader than just one race, but could do nothing about it.  How many votes are we talking about?


She estimated that in the 2012 elections, 2,000 votes were bought with cash or drugs. Low-income voters, she said, had come to expect a payment in exchange for their vote.


Politiqueras are common in border towns.  Similar vote gathers prey on low income voters across the country in different states.  (For example in Virginia, they are called solicitors and they went around urging ineligible felons to vote for Obama in 2008, although prosecutions of the voters, not the solicitors, began in 2012.)



If liberal vote fraud deniers really cared about the poor, they would join the fight against vote fraud because the poor are often the victims.