US Attorney selected to investigate origins of Russian probe & FBI Spying

Attorney General Bill Barr has selected U.S. attorney John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russian probe and FBI spying on the Trump campaign. It’s time for the American people to know why this partisan mess of an investigation full of false accusations against our President started.

Durham is the top federal prosecutor in Connecticut and is tasked to get to the bottom of the Justice Department’s investigation into Trump’s campaign.

Mr. Durham’s probe will focus on whether the Justice Department lawfully collected intelligence on Trump campaign associates

Durham, who was sworn in as U.S. attorney on Feb. 22, has worked at the Justice Department since 1982 and has plenty of experience conducting high-level special investigations.

Mr. Durham has impeccable credentials and has been appointed by Attorneys General from both parties. As the New York Times wrote:

"Mr. Durham, who was nominated by Mr. Trump in 2017 and has been a Justice Department lawyer since 1982, has conducted special investigations under administrations of both parties. Attorney General Janet Reno asked Mr. Durham in 1999 to investigate the F.B.I.’s handling of a notorious informant: the organized crime leader James (Whitey) Bulger.

"In 2008, Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey assigned Mr. Durham to investigate the C.I.A.’s destruction of videotapes in 2005 showing the torture of terrorism suspects. A year later, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. expanded Mr. Durham’s mandate to also examine whether the agency broke any laws in its abuses of detainees in its custody."

After the Mueller report found there was no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, the focus now shifts away from the President and onto the FBI and Democratic operatives. The Justice Department will look into whether the FBI spied on Trump’s campaign.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz is evaluating the Justice Department’s wiretaps on former campaign associate Carter Page. And John Huber, the U.S. attorney in Utah, is also reviewing a surveillance warrant obtained by the FBI to spy on Mr. Page.

Mr. Horowitz’s findings are expected to be released this month or next. [AG Barr] has also been steadfast in his claim that the FBI spied on Trump campaign associates, but wasn’t sure whether it was legal or justified.

Furthermore, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham has also pledged an aggressive committee investigation into the FBI’s actions.

Graham said Sunday he is working on declassifying a bombshell document that proves authorities knew the Steele dossier lacked credibility.

The FBI used the dossier from Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer, as justification for surveilling Carter Page, a former Trump aide. Steele acknowledged that his dossier was funded by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton campaign.

Chairman Graham is questioning and exposing what really happened in 2016. The facts revealed thus far show a very concerning conspiracy that Democrats attempted to manipulate the U.S. government to impact the election.

"So, the bottom line is the dossier has never been independently confirmed,” Graham said. “It was used to get a warrant. They knew the author of the dossier was on the Democrat Party payroll. He hated Trump; they got the warrant anyway. Most Americans should be very upset about that. I'm very upset about it. And we're going to get to the bottom of it.

The FBI was on notice that their confidential informant went to the Department of State to urge the Department of State to take the dossier and leak it to the public to affect the election. That's about as sick as it gets."

The RNLA applauds the actions of Attorney General Barr and Chairman Graham to bring the truth to light and restore the American people’s confidence in our nation’s election process.