Vice President Mike Pence Addressed the RNLA

Vice President Mike Pence addressed the RNLA on August 24.  He thanked and encouraged RNLA members: 

"I came here today just to say 'thank you.'  Thank you for the work that you've done supporting this administration.  Thank you for the work that each and every one of you do to hold up Republican ideals and principles in the profession of the law. . . . Right after we get Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States, I don't know if you noticed but we've got some elections coming up in November, and I want everyone in the RNLA to do everything in your power to re-elect Republican majorities to the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives." 

To heed the Vice President's call to action and volunteer to ensure the elections this fall are open, fair, and honest, please click here.