Lee Goodman - 2019 Republican Lawyer of the Year

The RNLA has named Lee E. Goodman of Virginia the 2019 Republican Lawyer of the Year. Mr. Goodman was selected as the 2019 Republican Lawyer of the Year in recognition of his outstanding professional accomplishments and years of service to the Republican Party and its ideals.

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2020 Democratic Candidates on Judges

The RNLA has started a project of tracking the declared 2020 Democratic Party Presidential candidates' views on judicial nominations and judicial philosophy. Here is a list of the first group that we have surveyed so far. As you can see, the Democrats' views on judicial matters are far outside the mainstream.

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Vice President Mike Pence Addressed the RNLA

Vice President Mike Pence addressed the RNLA on August 24.  He thanked and encouraged RNLA members: 

"I came here today just to say 'thank you.'  Thank you for the work that you've done supporting this administration.  Thank you for the work that each and every one of you do to hold up Republican ideals and principles in the profession of the law." 

To watch the Vice President's entire address to the RNLA, please click here.