All Agree: Mayor Pete's Court-Packing Scheme is Crazy

Many experts have concluded last night’s CNN Democratic Presidential debate was won by Mayor Pete Buttigieg.  Moreover many “conservatives” liked Mayor Pete.  However, on the issue that RNLA has been tracking- the candidate’s positions on judicial nominees and court packing- Mayor Pete was again a trainwreck last night. His position last night:

Now, I'm not talking about packing the court just with people who agree with me, although I certainly will appoint people who share my values, for example, the idea that women's reproductive freedom is an American right.

What I'm talking about is reforms that will depoliticize the court. We can't go on like this, where every single time there is a vacancy, we have this apocalyptic ideological firefight over what to do next.

Now, one way to fix this would be to have a 15-member court where five of the members can only be appointed by unanimous agreement of the other 10. 

As Brad Polumbo tweeted:

Former Vice President Joe Biden also agreed that Mayor Pete's plan would only further politicize the Court:

I would not get into court-packing. We had three justices. Next time around, we lose control, they add three justices. We begin to lose any credibility the court has at all.

It is scary when former Senator Biden talks about the credibility of the court.  He was the Senator who helped to destroy the confirmation process for Supreme Court nominees when he invented “Borking” as Senate Judiciary Committee Chair during the confirmation of Judge Robert Bork. 

But it is even worse for Mayor Pete.  Even far-left groups for court-packing have concerns with his plan. 

Court-packing advocate Kate Kendell said on Thursday that South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s proposal to overhaul the Supreme Court isn’t feasible.

Buttigieg’s plan would add six justices, expanding the court from nine to 15. Under the system, Democrats and Republicans would each name five appointees to the court, and five apolitical justices would be chosen by the first 10 on the court.

“Buttigieg’s 5-5-5 plan — that would go to this very court,” Kendell, campaign manager of the left-leaning group Pack the Courts, told Hill.TV, referring to the high court. “And it would be struck down.”

Mayor Pete may have won the debate last night with some of his zingers on his opponents for the Democratic nomination with their unrealistic ideas, but as his goofy court-packing idea shows, Mayor Pete's ideas are just as impractical as the rest of the people running.