An Attorney General with Honor v. a Wingman

If journalists were remotely objective, they would praise Attorney General Bill Barr for releasing virtually the entire “Mueller report.”  On the other hand, if they were objective, they would condemn Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder for his complete stonewalling of the Fast and Furious investigation.  That said, the rare objective journalist Sharyl Attkisson is still working on getting the truth of the Eric Holder Justice Department’s Fast and Furious scandal (emphasis in original): 

I requested the documents under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) back in 2013. This response took almost six years, even though– under FOI law– it was due in 30 days.  

For background, keep in mind that Attkisson has been working on this for 8 years.

Federal officials initially denied and attempted to cover up the government’s role in the weapons transfers. A sitting ATF agent, John Dodson, blew the whistle on the secret operation in a story with me for CBS News in early 2011.

Contrary to tradition that the Attorney General is the country’s lawyer and not the President’s own consigliere, Holder declared himself President Obama’s “wingman.”  Despite 8 years working on the story, Attkinson has not been able to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious but did conclude:

Attorney General Eric Holder testified to Congress that he didn’t know about the controversial program when it was underway. However, documents ultimately showed that he had received regular briefings on Fast and Furious. When those documents were made public, Holder said he hadn’t read the briefings.

Although the White House denied knowledge of the cross-border gun operation, emails showed that several White House officials had discussed it. When reporters and Congress pursued more information, President Obama declared executive privilege to keep additional Fast and Furious documents from being released.

Yet while Barr is vilified by the media and the left despite being transparent, Holder is being rewarded by the left with a TV show about his noble legal efforts entitled “Main Justice.”  (Ironically the production of that show is being held up because of legal contract fight.)  If Hollywood and liberals cared about the truth and transparency, they would be praising Barr and condemning Holder.