Biden's "Crime Crisis" Rages Over the 4th of July Holiday

While Americans were celebrating the 4th of July holiday, President Joe Biden's "crime crisis" raged on in Democrat cities across America. At least 150 Americans were killed in acts of gun violence.

Dozens were shot in New York City and Chicago alone.

As Senator Tom Cotton pointed out on Twitter, the uptick in crime in Democrat cities across America is the direct result of rogue, leftist prosecutors who fail to enforce the law. San Francisco has been the textbook example of this reality lately.

The Heritage Foundation's Cully Stimson and Zack Smith have pointed out that the Biden Administration's "attempt" at quelling the uptick in violence is ineffective, and in fact, promotes the very policies that have led to the breakdown of law and order in Democrat-run cities:

That’s why Biden’s so-called “Comprehensive Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gun Crime and Ensure Public Safety” is so galling. The hypocrisy is right there—if you know what you’re looking at.

While he pays lip service to providing “law enforcement [with] the tools and resources needed to tackle gun violence,” it’s a hollow promise.

Why? He’s partnering with and empowering many of those who view our criminal justice system as being systematically racist and who have been working to undermine it by supporting rogue prosecutors around the country—including in places like Chicago and St. Louis where violent crime casualties rival those you would expect to see in a war zone.

Among the philanthropies who supposedly have been “leaders” on enhancing “public safety for children, families, and communities and to advance equity” is the Soros-founded-and-funded Open Society Foundation. In other words, some of Biden’s partners have been working to undermine the system from within through the election of rogue prosecutors.

It appears that the next frontier for implementing these radical policies will be at the Manhattan DA's office. Alvin Bragg, the presumptive winner of the Democratic primary (making him the likely winner of the general election), has plans to radically change the way laws are enforced in the borough:

Digging further into his plans reveals some truly radical proposals. First, Bragg will ­immediately begin de-prosecuting certain offenses, refusing to punish violations of duly ­enacted criminal laws. These ­include resisting arrest, trespassing, fare evasion, marijuana possession, driving with a suspended license and any traffic violation. 

Manhattan apparently must accept disorder on the sidewalks, streets and subways; the police must prepare for ­resistance at every arrest.

For those offenses that are prosecuted, Bragg announced plans to allow just about every offender to walk free the same day. “Non-incarceration is the outcome for every case, except those with charges of homicide or the death of a victim, a class-B violent felony in which a deadly weapon causes serious physical injury or felony sex offenses,” his campaign materials read. Will offenders who shoot at people and miss, armed robbers who display a gun but don’t fire it, drug dealers and felons in possession of firearms all be ­released the same day they are arrested? 

Even more alarming, Bragg proposes virtually the same non-incarceration path for both bail and criminal convictions. Thus, these offenders will walk out of jail the same day they are arrested and apparently will never return. 

Democrats have received plenty of blame, and rightly so, for the negative effects that their anti-police rhetoric have had on law and order in the U.S., but Americans should be just as concerned with the radical proposals of rogue prosecutors that often slip under the radar.