Biden's "Crime Crisis" is Exploding in Democrat-Run Cities

The Biden Crime Crisis is exploding in Democrat strongholds across the country, illustrating the jarring reality of Leftist, soft-on-crime policies. In New York City, five people were murdered in shootings this past weekend alone.

A video circulating shows an elderly man who was robbed in the middle of the day.

In Chicago, violent criminal activity is so brazen that a recent shooting took place in the parking lot of a police station:

When the victims' vehicle pulled into Chicago's 22nd District Station, the suspect followed suit and shot several rounds at victim's car and the police station itself. 

"Officers, hearing the shots being fired at the station, exited the station to render aid to the victims of the vehicle," Papaioannou told reporters on Sunday night.

According to Chicago police, two people in the victims' car were injured by the gunfire. A female victim was taken to Christ Hospital and pronounced dead from her injuries. 

And let's not forget about our nation's capital, Washington D.C. Last week, a stabbing took place midday in one of the busiest stations in the city.

On Wednesday, five were shot and two were killed in an "open-air drug market" near the Capitol Building:

When asked what kind of drugs were typically sold in the area, [Metropolitan Police Executive Assistant Chief Ashan Benedict] replied that “you name it, it’s out here.”

The week of violence culminated when the Washington Commanders' Brian Robinson was shot during an attempted robbery on Sunday.

This litany of crimes is just a sampling of ones that made the news. There are countless crimes which will never be acknowledged by the media.

Voters need to hold Democrats accountable in November for their soft-on-crime policies that have led to the breakdown of law and order in American cities.