Biden’s DOJ: Partisanship Over Principle?

In recent weeks, the prioritization of partisanship over principle by the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) has increasingly come into focus. As we reported last week, a plea deal between Hunter Biden and the DOJ for tax crimes was rejected by Delaware U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika who pointed out that the agreement contained "unusual" terms that would have given Biden "broad immunity" from other charges being considered against him.

As The Federalist's Margot Cleveland argued, it appears that the rejected plea deal may even suggest that the DOJ and Biden "are attempting to commit fraud on a federal court."

The Hunter Biden situation provides a stark contrast to how former President Trump, who was indicted on charges relating to January 6th earlier this week, is being treated by the DOJ. 

National Review's Andy McCarthy wrote:

[A] responsible prosecutor would avoid indicting on an extravagant, nonfinancial theory of fraud in any case. To indict on such a theory in a manner that quite willfully intrudes into a presidential election is worse than irresponsible. Given how FBI and DOJ interference in presidential elections has gone since 2016, I would have thought we’d want less of it going forward, not to normalize it. . .

Besides the infirmity of the fraud charge, Smith here brings obstruction charges that largely hinge on criminalizing a cockamamie legal theory, and a civil-rights charge that is night-and-day removed from the purpose for which the post–Civil War Congress enacted the civil-rights statute at issue — namely, Ku Klux Klan violence against black Americans seeking to exercise their right to vote.

After being arraigned on Thursday, President Trump himself claimed that the Biden Administration was engaging in "persecution of a political opponent."

Conveniently, most of the media is focussing on the Trump case over the Biden case. 

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