Biden's Next Gun Grab

On Monday, the Biden Administration announced its latest gun grab. The National Review's David Harsanyi writes:

Crime is rising, so it’s time for Democrats to take aim at law-abiding gun owners. In a press conference today, President Joe Biden promised swift action, announcing a series of unilateral moves that will have virtually no effect on rising criminality. Among them is regulating so-called “ghost guns,” which Biden claims “are the weapons of choice for many criminals.” And by “many,” he means “incredibly few.” Biden also promised to fight for “universal” background checks and “assault-weapons” bans, two other policies that would do almost nothing to lower the crime rate and everything to do with making life more difficult for peaceful gun owners.

As the NRA points out, the Biden Administration's words ring hollow considering its contributions to the raging crime wave that cities across the country are currently experiencing:

The NRA slammed the Biden administration’s expected new rule cracking down on "ghost guns," arguing the administration is not "truly sincere" on curbing violent crimes until criminals are put behind bars. 

"An administration that’s truly sincere and resolute about curbing violent crime rates would do one thing: take violent criminals off the streets immediately," the NRA’s managing director of public affairs Andrew Arulanandam told Fox News Digital on Monday. "Yet, the Biden administration allows these criminals who kill and maim with callous and reckless abandon, again and again, to roam the streets of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and other cities large and small across our country without fear of prosecution and punishment."

During the press conference, President Biden also officially announced his pick to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

As usual, there were several cringeworthy moments during President Biden's remarks:

Biden repeatedly referred to the ATF as the “AFT” during the Rose Garden event, mistakenly using the acronym for the American Federation of Teachers union.

“Steve is immensely qualified. He served the Department of Justice for two decades. He worked side by side to support the work of federal, state and local law enforcement, including AFT agents,” Biden said, adding, “I’d like to introduce my nominee to lead the AFT to you — all of you. Steve, come on up here.”

The president then jokingly noted the height of Dettlebach’s 16-year-old son David — saying, “if he’s 16 years old, I want to draft him.”

It was unclear if [Biden] meant that he wanted to draft the teen for the military or a sports team, but his father seemed to think the latter, joking, “Is there any agent in the house?”

Today's announcement adds to the growing list of attacks of the Biden Administration on the constitutional rights of Americans.