Crime is Up, and Riots Continue for Democrat Cities in 2021

The common narrative in 2020 was that the year's uptick in violence would go away once Joe Biden was elected. However, that hasn't been the case. Crime is up in large, Democrat-run cities, and the riots continue. Even in this climate, some Democrats like Rep. Rashida Tlaib persist in pushing the "defund the police" movement. 

In New York City, Democrat Mayor Bill DeBlasio blames the rise in violent crime on COVID:

Shootings across the city were triple the level of the same week last year, the latest NYPD data show. When will Mayor Bill de Blasio stop pretending the rise in violence is just another result of the pandemic, something that will reverse when COVID is vanquished?

In all this year, they’re up 83 percent over the 2020 mark and 93 percent above the 2019 level. Last week, that meant 49 of your neighbors wounded or killed; the week before, 50.

De Blasio insists that rising gun arrests will turn the tide. But the NYPD’s crackdown on guns started in September, and the tide is still rising.

In places like Portland where riots happen fairly frequently, the U.S. Attorney's Office pursuing charges is the exception rather than the norm.

In Los Angeles County, Sheriff Alex Villanueva has attributed skyrocketing murder rates to the leftist policies of LA D.A. George Gascón.

Murders in Los Angeles County have spiked nearly 200% so far this year compared to the same time in 2020, with at least one official blaming the "defund the police" movement and progressive law enforcement officials.

There were 60 people murdered in L.A. County as of Feb. 28 – a 186% jump from the 21 killings reported during the same period in 2020, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department told Fox News in a segment that aired Thursday.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told Fox News criminals are emboldened by District Attorney George Gascón's progressive policies and stressed that people must understand that such elections will have consequences.

What do these cities have in common (in addition to them being run by Democrats)? They have all shifted funds away from law enforcement in the last year.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Republican leaders are doing what they can to support law enforcement and promote law and order.

The methods and excuses vary, but many Democrat leaders across the country are failing to preserve law and order for their constituents.