Democrats Spend Millions to Lose Seats in Redistricting

Following the 2020 U.S. Census, Democrats immediately began raising tens of millions of dollars to fuel a redistricting effort they hoped would push the needle in their favor for the next 10 years and help them gain seats in Congress.  But despite the best efforts of Democrat elected officials, PACs, and liberal dark money groups, Republicans are projected to gain anywhere between three to five Congressional seats. 

report from FiveThirtyEight outlines the results of the recent redistricting:

The GOP is positioned for a net gain of three to five seats in 2022 just thanks to the new lines... [and] courts striking down Democratic gerrymanders in Maryland and New York. Republicans have also shored up their existing position by converting light-red districts into safer seats in states like Texas.

Multiple other sources projected the same, criticizing Democrats for being too ambitious.  Now multiple of Democrats' own incumbents will be forced to run against each other in the same congressional districts.  Dave Wasserman, a national elections analyst for the Cook Political Report, commented on new districts:

The string of legal setbacks the Democrats have suffered since late February has been staggering. When you put it all together, just about everything is going right for Republicans.

While Wasserman makes it sound like the stars are aligning for Republicans, the simple truth is that Democrats put themselves in a position to lose so many seats. 

Adam Kincaid, president of the National Republican Redistricting Trust, stated that Democratic legislators had "overextended themselves" in numerous states:

Democrats were trying to draw as many seats as they could... And I don't see those seats holding up this fall.

National Redistricting Trust Leader and former self-proclaimed "wingman" of President Obama, Eric Holder, is now somehow trying to claim that Democrats actually won redistricting.  But the numbers don't lie.  Holder, to whom the liberal Washington Post awarded two Pinocchios for underscoring extreme Democrat gerrymanders in Maryland and New York, is plainly misguided.

Even when the maps were rejected, he suggested the new maps should be similar. That’s a strange way of showing opposition. Holder earns Two Pinocchios.

Eric Holder and Democrats wasted millions on redistricting efforts only to shoot themselves in the foot, leaving the GOP to pick up multiple Congressional seats in this redistricting cycle.  Democrats can try and claim victory, but Republicans will be the ones who win at the ballot box in November.