Democrats' HR1: An Attempt to Commandeer America's Elections - An Overview

Lawyers Democracy Fund (LDF) has just released a summary and comprehensive analysis of House Democrats' attempt to commandeer America's elections. In short, the massive compilation of major election chances is being pushed through the House of Representatives, likely without any substantive hearings, expert testimony from election officials, or meaningful markup and on a blatantly partisan basis. As LDF describes:

House Resolution 1 (HR1), otherwise named “For the People Act of 2019”, is the omnibus election law bill filed in the House of Representatives by its new liberal majority. The legislation is sweeping in nature, overturning the federalism foundation of the electoral process in the United States that has been in place for the past two centuries.

The 571-page bill includes over 30 significant new mandates placed on the states from the federal government, not including the dozens of other smaller requirements, policies, and centralized standards placed on the 50 states and over 8,000 local jurisdictions that administer elections in the nation. The far-reaching legislation would reverse the current decentralized nature of elections by preempting state laws across the country and placing the control of election and voting policy within the federal government.  The bill takes the first steps to reinstating the Voting Rights Act’s pre-clearance requirements on states, which was struck down by the Supreme Court and required that any change in election law, regulation, or polling places be submitted to the federal government for approval.

The federal government is not designed or equipped to oversee elections in the thousands of communities that administer elections across the country.  Yet, if the bill were ever to become law, every state in the nation would be required to significantly alter their means and methods of registration and voting....

The federal government would also establish new federal security and accuracy standards for voting equipment and voter registration databases and require annual certification in order to receive federal funding. The security of elections will be centralized despite the comments of President Barack Obama who said, “There is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections, in part because they’re so decentralized, and the numbers of votes involved.”

Much of the legislation would be required to be implemented by the 2020 Presidential Election, and the states would certainly need billions of new dollars in appropriations over ten years in order for the new mandates to be properly implemented...


Unfortunately, the left and their echo chamber would have you believe this is just a debate over whether Election Day would become a new federal holiday. However, this is far from the main issue at hand. LDF has compiled a handy list of at least 30 election administration changes that would be instituted if this bill were to be passed and signed into law. Thankfully, as we highlighted earlier this week, Leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate has already signaled that this bill would be dead on arrival in the Senate. LDF's list is outlined below:

  1. Requires All States to Implement Online Voter Registration
  2. Requires States to Accept the Federal Registration Form Electronically; Preempts State Registration Laws on Signature
  3. States Required to Implement Automatic Voter Registration
  4. Preemption of State Registration Deadlines; Requires “Same Day Registration” in States During Early Voting/Election Day
  5. Requires 15 Days of Early Voting in All States; Regulation of Early Voting Hours and Locations of Polling Sites
  6. New Severe Restrictions on State Voter List Maintenance Activities
  7. Endorses Restoring Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act to Require Federal Oversight of Elections
  8. Requires States to Provide an Automated Telephone Based System to Register to Vote
  9. New Federal Standards for State Registration Databases and Mandatory Annual Certification
  10. Preempts State Laws on “Challenges” of Ineligible Voters
  11. New Voter Registration Reporting Requirements by States
  12. New 45-Day Deadline to Mail Ballots to Voters with Disabilities
  13. New Federal Crimes for Deceptive Practices Related to Time, Manner of Elections
  14. Requires States Allow Felons to Vote After Release from Prison
  15. Requires States to Notify All Individuals Convicted of Felony or Misdemeanor of the Right to Vote
  16. Require All States to Vote on Paper Ballots and Require Counting of Ballots by Hand or Optical Scan Tabulation
  17. Requires States to Count Provisional Ballots Cast Outside Precinct
  18. Requires Every State to Implement No Excuse Vote by Mail with Signature Comparison
  19. Requires States to Send “No-Excuse” Mail Ballots to Voters Two Weeks Prior to Federal Elections
  20. Reporting Requirements from States in Administration of Elections
  21. Makes Election Day a Federal Holiday
  22. Requires Colleges and Universities to Serve as Voter Registration Agencies
  23. Eliminates Photo ID/Non-Photo ID Prior to Casting a Vote
  24. States Required to Reimburse USPS for Ballots Carried Free of Postage and Develop Mail Ballot Tracking System
  25. State Chief Election Officials Prohibited from Taking Part in Federal Political Campaigns
  26. Establishment of Voter Hotline and State-Based Response System
  27. Requires States to Complete Federal Post-Election Surveys Requested by the Election Assistance Commission
  28. Requires States to Establish Independent Redistricting Commissions for Congressional Redistricting
  29. Requires Testing of State Voting System in Federal Labs Nine Months Prior to Each Federal Election
  30. Federal Government to Establish Cybersecurity Standards for All Aspects of Elections

LDF's full analysis can be read here.


Next week, we will highlight LDF's top ten list of the most serious issues with the Democrats' HR 1 and how this will seriously threaten election integrity. Lastly, the RNLA will continue to track and sound the alarm about this very troubling legislation.