Democrats' Union Allies Caught Forging Signatures

We have recently written about vote fraud and Election Administration blunders.  For those who doubt the existence of widespread fraud on the left, a great example comes from public sector unions.  Thanks to the work of Freedom Foundation, fraud amongst government unions is being exposed:

It’s widely known that government unions are hotbeds of corruption. There’s hardly any other way to put it when union bosses forcibly take money out of public-sector employee paychecks to line their campaign war chests, use that money to buy corrupt politicians, then negotiate with their bought-and-paid-for lawmakers for sweetheart government deals at taxpayer expense.

The tactic that Freedom Foundation has uncovered reveals a threat that strikes at the very heart of the voting process:

Forging signatures to begin stealing money out of paychecks of people who never wanted to join in the first place.  . . .

In March, the Freedom Foundation filed five lawsuits in one day against unions in Washington, Oregon and California for forging documents authorizing the union to deduct dues or political contributions from public employee paychecks. . . .

In at least one instance, a union rep went to a person’s home, asked them to sign up for membership, was told no thank you, and then walked away and signed the card anyway.

The connection to Democrats of this labor union fraud and its potential effect on all elections makes this even more troubling.  As the Daily Signal wrote after the 2016 election:

From 2010 to 2016 alone, labor unions sent more than $1.1 billion in member dues to anti-Republican advocacy groups, a nonprofit union transparency organization says.

“For decades, union officials have betrayed working Americans by spending their dues dollars to advance a left-wing political agenda—without prior approval,” Luka Ladan, communications director for the Center for Union Facts, said in a statement.

“Big Labor is now the ATM of the Democratic Party, whether employees agree or not. The Employee Rights Act would hold union officials accountable to their members, not Democratic elites.”

If Democrats’ billion-dollar allies are willing to forge signatures for union dues money, shouldn’t we be concerned about union-affiliated ballot harvesters forging the signatures of our most vulnerable citizens, such as those in nursing homes?