Democrats Use Inconsistent Standards to Gut Voting Integrity

At the same time Democrats are pushing federal support of vote by mail or even bills calling for nationwide vote by mail, an interesting thing happened in Nevada.  As RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel points out in an excellent op-ed that discussed Democrat Party lawyer Marc Elias' tactics:

Democrats demand in-person voting be expanded in Nevada, after just claiming it was too dangerous to go to the polls in Wisconsin. Last week, Elias called in-person voting a “national disgrace.” Now, Elias says “converting to an all-mail election in a matter of weeks” is impossible, and voting must be expanded “safely in person.” Nice of them to catch up to the fact that one-size-fits-all nationalized mail-in voting is a bad idea.

This isn’t Democrats' and Elias’ only contradiction. Elias also had fought against witness requirements for mail in votes.  One of the reasons for this is concerns about social distancing.  On the other hand, Elias is a strong advocate for ballot harvesting.  As Trump Campaign Legal Counsel Justin Clark explains:

“States should also limit the ballot harvesters who are incentivized by the Democrats to violate social distancing rules,” Clark said.

In the same article, Clark articulates the Republican position on vote by mail:

Vote-by-mail options can “play a role during a pandemic by enabling at-risk voters to vote safely,” legal counsel Justin Clark said in a statement. But, “states should resist proposals that open the door to voting fraud such as mailing ballots to voters who haven’t asked for one.”

That is the message of the President Trump, the RNC and Republicans generally.  On the other hand, it is obvious that Democrats are not even trying to be consistent.  As Chairwoman McDaniel concludes:

The only thing Democrats are consistent on is their mission to gut voting integrity. And their hypocrisy.