Senate Dems Hit the Road in Their Quest to Federalize Elections

Earlier today, Senate Rules Democrats took their "phony hysteria" about state election laws "on the road" and held a field hearing in Atlanta, Georgia. The hearing was Democrats' latest stunt in their quest to enact a federal takeover of elections. As Republican Leader Mitch McConnell pointed out:

“Democrats’ fake outrage may have driven jobs and opportunities out of the state of Georgia, but I’m sure Georgians will appreciate that Democrats are bringing their own partisan circus to town instead.

“This silly stunt is based on the same lie as all the Democrats’ phony hysteria from Georgia to Texas to Washington D.C. and beyond — their efforts to pretend that moderate, mainstream state voting laws with more generous early voting provisions than blue states like New York are some kind of evil assault on our democracy.

“Americans agree with Republicans: It should be easy to vote and hard to cheat. You have to ask yourself why Democratic politicians across America are this panicked and this hysterical over modest ballot integrity measures, like voter ID, which big majorities of Americans support.”

Rules Chair Amy Klobuchar chose Atlanta for the hearing in another attempt by Democrats to claim that Georgia's recently-passed election reforms are unpopular, but a recent poll shows that Georgians support the very bill that Democrats tried to make an example of:

According to a new poll completed on July 14th, over two-thirds of Georgians support the key provision of Georgia’s new voter integrity law.

● 67% of likely voters support Georgia’s requirement that voters include a copy of their photo I.D. or other documentation in order to cast an absentee ballot by mail, with a majority (55%) strongly supporting it.

● The provision has broad, bi-partisan appeal with 95% of Republicans, 59% of Independents, and 39% of Democrats.

● An overwhelming 84% of Hispanic or Latino support the provision, while support among African Americans (45%) is virtually split with a plurality opposing (49%) when accounting for margin of error.

Poll after poll shows that Americans across the country agree with Georgians and support the types of election reforms that Republican states are enacting.

Democrats should stop trying to ram through legislation that Americans don't want and should instead focus on the dire problems facing the country like inflation and the Biden border crisis.