DHS Focused on Censorship While Crisis Rages on Southern Border

Shocking video released by Fox News earlier today reveals that Biden's Border Crisis is not letting up anytime soon.

Earlier this week, House Oversight Republicans sent yet another request to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, asking him to provide more information about how he plans to manage the border crisis:

The letter from Rep. James Comer, the top Republican on the Oversight and Reform Committee, foreshadows the issues the GOP is likely to press Mr. Mayorkas on if Republicans, as expected, win control of the chamber in next week’s elections.

Mr. Comer led fellow committee members in calling Mr. Mayorkas’ management of the border an “abject failure.”

“We cannot endure another year of the Biden Administration’s failed border policies,” the lawmakers wrote. “We have written DHS fifteen times this Congress to conduct oversight over the border crisis. Again, we request documents and information to understand the Biden Administration’s plans, if any, to secure the border.”

Among the demands are any documents describing Mr. Mayorkas’ plans to achieve operational control of the southern border; plans to cut illegal border crossings; plans to reduce the number of “gotaways” that the Border Patrol knows entered but couldn’t be interdicted; and plans to reduce the flow of drugs and terrorism suspects.

It's unsurprising that Mayorkas has been unwilling to cooperate with past requests, especially when President Joe Biden himself all but ignores the issue.

So what has Biden's DHS been focused on instead of the border crisis? Censoring Americans.

Another recent letter from House Oversight Republicans highlights exactly how DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) censors Americans:

While the Administration publicly paused the creation of its “Disinformation Governance Board,” DHS continues to suppress dissenting viewpoints. CISA is framing any dissenting opinion disseminated online as a cyber threat to critical infrastructure. CISA leverages partnerships with left-leaning private organizations—who have received millions of dollars in federal money—to identify and then take action against political speech unfavorable to the Administration, especially around its handling of COVID-19 policy.

This effort began after CISA partnered with left-leaning organizations and Big Tech companies to launch the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP). The EIP provides an online
complaint-processing platform that permits groups—including the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on at least four occasions5—to submit “tickets” reporting narratives they flagged for concerns. Other EIP partners include the Harvard Belfer Center’s Defending Digital Democracy Project, cofounded by former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook. Mook was implicated in spreading false information about ties between then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russia.

“Tickets” uploaded into the computer system by users are viewable by federal employees and are resolved by actions taken by the tech company on whose platform the offending post appears. “Tickets” were frequently resolved by taking one of several actions: 1) banning the user from posting his or her lawful speech or deplatforming the individual entirely, 2) algorithmically restricting the reach of the speech on the platform, or 3) adding other information, such as a warning label, to the post alerting users to the post’s disfavored status.

Election Day will be a referendum on the Biden Administration's inability to manage the greatest issues facing the country as it instead focuses on doing whatever it can to stifle political opposition.