Feinstein Is the True Villain of the Kavanaugh Hearings

Today, RNLA Executive Director Michael Thielen wrote in The Daily Caller about how Senator Dianne Feinstein has harmed the Senate, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and Judge Brett Kavanaugh through the politically calculating way she handled the accusations made by Dr. Ford against Judge Kavanaugh.

The circus was a name frequently used for the just-completed Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. While Senate Republicans generally tried to be adults and turned over the most sensitive part of the hearing to a professional, one senator made a case for bringing the Senate to its lowest low this century . . . Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Senator Feinstein was not a partisan Democrat, she was a destructive force out to ruin the reputations of all parties. Let’s start with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Ford was a reluctant and nervous accuser. Yet Feinstein seemingly did everything she could to use Dr. Ford as a pawn. . . .

In the period when she was ignoring Dr. Ford’s claims and not allowing them to be fully, confidentially investigated, she then told Dr. Ford to hire an anti-Trump “resistance” lawyer who apparently, along with Feinstein and her staff, failed to inform or explain to Dr. Ford the offer by Republican Chairman Chuck Grassley to come to California to meet with Dr. Ford there. . . .

Ironically, despite Democrats’ complaints, Feinstein was the first person to stop any FBI investigation by not turning over the letter timely.

But her antics did not end there. She hid the ball from Judge Kavanaugh when she met with him on August 20. She did not mention the letter. Of course, she did not mention the letter at the hearing at the beginning of September when Judge Kavanaugh could have responded. She mentioned it when the hearing was over when he could not respond, in an effort to both do maximum damage to Judge Kavanaugh and delay. . . .


Mr. Thielen also pointed out how Sen. Feinstein disrespected Dr. Ford's claims by equating them with Julie Swetnick's outrageous claim that not even The New York Times found credible enough to publish.


Now senators, at the suggestion of Senator Jeff Flake, have called the Democrats' bluff by agreeing to an FBI investigation limited in scope and lasting no longer than one week.  The Democrats will surely play partisan games with this as well and by the end of next week, FBI investigations will be called worthless partisan hack-jobs by the same Democratic senators who demanded an FBI investigation just this morning.  While the investigation may not (and likely will not) produce anything new or of substance, the Democrats will look rather foolish.


And tonight, the Senate agreed by unanimous consent to a motion to proceed on Judge Kavanaugh's nomination from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  So the vote is moving forward, the Democrats will have their FBI investigation that they spent the vast majority of the last two days of Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and meeting time clamoring for, and it looks very likely that Judge Kavanaugh will be Justice Kavanaugh in a week.