Liberal Rick Hasen Says Americans May Have to Take to Streets in 2024

On Thursday, election law professor Rick Hasen appeared on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes" to discuss the risk of election subversion during upcoming elections. Despite the segment being entitled "Republicans Against Democracy," Hasen, a liberal, began the process to undermine democracy in the 2024 election should Republicans win even before the candidates are known:

"It may take the American people going out into the streets to assure that we can have a free and fair election in 2024."

We'll give Professor Hasen the benefit of the doubt that he did not mean "take to the streets" in the way that a Black Lives Matter leader recently used it to stand for rioting and burning. However, it lines up with the alarming trend of Democrat activists not accepting election results. As Professor Derreck Mueller noted, the last time all the Democrats in Congress accepted a Republican Presidential election victory was in 1988.

Professor Mueller's Op-Ed and Hasen's MSNBC segment also focused on reforms to the Electoral Count Act (ECA). Hasen accused a future Republican majority of not being willing to pass legislation for ECA reform. This is interesting considering that Republicans have been on board from the beginning with reforming the law. 

The biggest roadblock to bipartisan ECA reform has been Democrats who want to add a partisan wishlist to any ECA reform legislation under the misnomer of "voting rights." 

The reality is that Democrats continue to work to undermine democracy. For them, the only fair election is an election they win:

Senate Democrats say they share President Biden’s concern that the results of the 2022 midterm elections may not be legitimate . . . But the senators are torn over how hard to push a stolen-election narrative ahead of the November election in which Republicans are expected to make big gains in Congress.

Professor Hasen was just ahead of the game in laying the groundwork for Democrats to claim a 2024 loss as illegitimate.

The complete interview can be viewed here, beginning at 12:45.