Dems Will Cast Doubt on Elections Until They Get Their Way

During a live-streamed interview on Tuesday, Democrat House Leader Steny Hoyer echoed President Joe Biden's position that the 2022 midterm elections could be "illegitimate" if Democrats fail to pass their radical elections bills. Politico reported:

Hoyer said the Democrats' push to pass voting rights legislation is “very much alive,” but he referenced the same strategy that failed Democrats last week. “We either need to change the rules, or get 60 votes [in the Senate],” he said.

In a press conference prior to the Senate's vote last week, Biden cast doubt on the 2022 midterms by saying the elections could “easily be illegitimate” if voting rights legislation did not pass the Senate.

Hoyer offered an appraisal of Biden's assertion. “President Biden is correct,” he said.

Democrat Whip Jim Clyburn also cast doubt on the legitimacy of this year's midterms in an interview with CNN last week.

The White House tried to walk back the President's dangerous statement, but reinforcement from Democrat House leadership shows that his statement was no gaffe. 

Earlier this week, a bipartisan group of Senators met to discuss reforms to the Electoral Count Act, a rare area of election law where bipartisan election law reform is possible. Notably absent was Senate Democratic leadership: "Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has previously criticized efforts to reform the ECA, calling them 'insufficient' and 'offensive.'"

The bottom line: Democrat leadership will continue to cast doubt on our elections until they get their way, and they have no interest in engaging in meaningful talks on bipartisan reform.