House Judiciary Ranking Member Doug Collins to Address National Policy Conference

Congressman Doug Collins of Georgia, Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Committee, will address the RNLA's National Policy Conference on April 5, 2019.  Rep. Collins is an attorney, former state legislator, military chaplain, and Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserve who has represented Georgia's Ninth Congressional District since 2013.  On the House Judiciary Committee, he is on the front lines of promoting the rule of law and fighting the House Democrats' efforts to resist President Trump:

In the 116th Congress, Doug serves as Ranking Member of the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary. In this role, Doug leads his Republican colleagues on a wide breadth of issues within the Committee’s purview, which include fighting to uphold and safeguard the Second Amendment, protecting the lives of unborn children, defending religious liberty, and overseeing our law enforcement agencies. 

Here are some of his recent statements on issues of importance.  On the President's 2019 State of the Union Address, Rep. Collins said:

Tonight, the president delivered a message that should resonate with every American: We can build a confident and more prosperous future by embracing unity over division. In the last two years, America has reclaimed the opportunity for each household to succeed on its own terms, and our country is better off for it. The president’s economic policy has empowered workers by removing hurdles that have long curbed productivity and innovation.

On the passing of President George H.W. Bush, he stated:

I’ll always remember President George H.W. Bush as a servant leader dedicated to America’s role as an agent of good in a complex world. He was a man of many titles, but what strikes me most are his humanity and his belief that his greatest titles were husband and father.

On his election as ranking member of House Judiciary:

The Judiciary Committee’s jurisdiction runs deep and wide, and I’ve been committed to advancing the conservative agenda as a member of the committee since day one. It’s been an honor to legislate with my House colleagues and earn their trust. As ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, I look forward to the hard battles and noble work before us.

On the Democrats' plans to weaponize the House Judiciary Committee against President Trump (emphasis added):

America is a nation of ideas, principles, and laws. Our counterparts across the aisle are giddy about running roughshod over process and weaponizing taxpayer resources against President Trump, the Commander in Chief Americans elected. We’re here to remind Mr. Nadler that a House majority doesn’t give liberals license to chase political vendettas at deep cost—and no benefit—to the hardworking Americans who trust us to honor the law first by following it ourselves. The baseless impeachment plans Mr. Nadler is lobbing about flow from Democrat frustration over the fact that they cannot prove collusion where there isn’t any, and these plans will not stand. Already, Mr. Nadler is targeting the Second Amendment, but real accountability means defending the Constitution, not eroding personal liberties. Already, Mr. Nadler has prioritized opening our borders. He would forfeit a cornerstone of America’s sovereignty for political expedience that de-sanctifies American citizenship. America has laws, and the accountability Mr. Nadler claims to prize starts with upholding those laws. His game plan is to disassemble and ignore them, but this is a promise he can’t keep.

The RNLA is honored to hear from Rep. Collins, a distinguished attorney and public servant with the courage and conviction to stand up for the rule of law against the "resistance" of the House Democrats, on Friday, April 5.  Click here for more information about the National Policy Conference and sponsorship opportunities.  Purchase your tickets now because early bird registration pricing expires soon!