ICYMI: Senator Cotton Calls 2022 the "Year of the Republican Lawyer"

During the 2022 National Policy Conference, RNLA presented the Junior Senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton, with this year's Hon. Edwin Meese III Award, which is bestowed upon an individual who has upheld the rule of law in the face of adverse political challenges.

Senator Cotton was especially honored to receive the award during what he declared the "year of the Republican lawyer":

From state attorneys general, to the federal judiciary, to the highest court in the land, Republican lawyers are leading the charge for freedom in America today.

Senator Cotton continued:

Republicans across the country are taking the fight to the far Left, putting criminals behind bars, challenging absurd mask mandates, defending our constitutional rights, protecting our kids from liberal ideologues at school, and finding brazen but well-funded attempts to gerrymander legislative maps and to rig the rules for our elections. This is vital work, and Republican lawyers are right at the center of it all.

Senator Cotton also emphasized the lasting effects that the Republicans have had on the federal judiciary.

In just a few short years, Republicans succeeded in transforming our judiciary by filling vacancies with solid judges who decide cases—I know this is crazy to liberals—based on what the Constitution and the law says. I know it sounds crazy to liberals that we wouldn't decide cases based on what our personal feelings or preferred outcomes are, but no, deciding cases based on what the Constitution and the law says.

The numbers speak for themselves. In four years from 2017 to 2020, Republicans confirmed 234 Article 3 judges. Many of whom, I would add, are very young—all of whom are very impressive. There will be an echo of those four years for decades to come, and it will protect the rights of all Americans. Despite the smears and lies from the far Left about some of these judges when they were nominees, we all stood strong, and now those judges are standing strong against Joe Biden’s assault on the rule of law.

After the recent Dobbs opinion leak, Senator Cotton was vocal in his denouncement of the leaker and the violent protests targeting conservative Justices. 

We agree with Senator Cotton: "We have to keep fighting in the spirit of Ed Meese and all the other fine men and women and great legal minds our party has produced." Senator Cotton has taken an unmovable stance in opposition to the Biden Administration's disastrous policies.

We are excited to see the lasting impact that Republican lawyers make as we head into the midterms. But we are not the only ones, Senator Cotton is looking at these midterm elections for whether he will run for President in 2024.