Is Biden Hoping to Turn the Supreme Court into a Liberal Mini-Legislature?

The Democrat Party is as radical as it has ever been and last night at the Presidential debate Joe Biden declared “I am the Democratic Party.”  While President Trump and to a lesser extent Chris Wallace tried to pin down the former Vice President, he refused on such issues as court packing, or the issue of increasing the Supreme Court beyond nine members.  How extreme an issue is this?  Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders does not back it. 

That was Joe Biden’s position as well in 2019.  Yet now he refuses to answer the question. 

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement responding to former Vice President Joe Biden's refusal to answer the question about court packing:

"[P]acking the Supreme Court would be a wholesale attack on the independence of the Judiciary. The message from Joe Biden is clear, he will pick as many Supreme Court Justices as it takes to get the judicial outcomes that he demands. For Biden, as someone who spent a lifetime in the Senate, including his stint at the Senate Judiciary Committee, to so cavalierly dismiss judicial independence is shocking and revealing about his true character. While some claim that they didn’t learn anything at the debates, the sad truth is, we learned that a Joe Biden presidency will not be constrained by the fundamental minority rights that were set forth by the Constitution and James Madison.”

A new poll shows the public is against court packing and in favor of an Amendment to limit the Supreme Court to nine people. 

As Heritage Action explains, this would make the Supreme Court into a super legislature:

Yet as shown in this backgrounder from JCN, multiple Democratic leaders have called for expanding the court.

If Joe Biden really wants to distance himself from the extreme elements in his party, he could start by rejecting court packing.  All he would be doing is going back to his position in 2019.  But as Joe says he is the Democratic Party now, so Joe Biden of 2020 apparently embraces those extreme elements.