Judge Jackson: “There Were No Victims”

In 17 years of closely watching Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson had the worst second day performance of anyone I have watched when she contradicted herself multiple times during questioning. It also became clear that she is soft on crime, not in some sort of abstract way, but she is overly sympathetic to criminals to the detriment of victims. 


1. Judge Jackson stated: “There were no victims” regarding the sentencing of a fentanyl and heroin drug kingpin. While Judge Jackson did add later that were no victims available to testify, as Senator Cotton pointed out, there are definitely victims of a drug kingpin. However, Judge Jackson still twisted a compassionate release statue to reduce the sentence of this drug kingpin.


2. "Is he the victim here? Or are the victims the victims?" Senator Hawley on Judge Jackson apologizing and expressing sympathy for an 18 year old child pornographer. 


3. Judge Jackson on the bench to a child pornographer justifying giving a lighter sentence than prosecutors wanted: “You were viewing sex acts of children who were not much younger than you.” Senator Hawley: "He was 18. These kids were eight. I don't see in which sense they're 'peers.'"


Other issues arose as well that were troubling, but Judge Jackson's answers on crime raise serious questions about how victims would receive fair treatment if she were on the Supreme Court.