Liberals Attack Rule of Law and AG Barr

Carrie Severino wrote today about liberals' attacks on the rule of law and Attorney General Bill Barr, all as part of their efforts to "resist" the presidency of Donald Trump:

What we have been witnessing is an all-out assault on the rule of law from the woke Left, which has elevated its political ideology to something resembling a secular religion. By this mentality, Trump and his agents are monomaniacally recast as totems of sinister forces who must be stopped at all costs. Never mind notions of fair process and democratic deliberation that made the American system of law what it is.

She described Judge Emmet Sullivan's decision not to accept the Department of Justice's motion to drop the charges against Michael Flynn after it had determined the prosecution to be the result of misconduct by government officials and abuse of prosecutorial discretion.   Judge Sullivan instead invited third-party amicus briefs and appoint a retired judge to investigate whether Gen. Flynn should be charged with perjury.

Attorney General Bill Barr has continued to face attacks from the left, despite his efforts to restore transparency and credibility to the FBI and DOJ:

But the assault on the rule of law extends beyond Sullivan. We also see it as the Left continues to lose its collective mind over Bill Barr. From day one of his tenure as attorney general, which includes his service nearly 30 years ago, Barr has unrelentingly followed the law and the Constitution, which includes defending the unitary executive and religious liberty. He has been tough on crime. He is willing to weather criticism for it.

The most recent example came when he designated U.S. attorney Jeffrey Jensen—a veteran federal prosecutor and former FBI agent—to conduct the aforementioned review of the Flynn case. One would think the disclosures of prosecutorial abuse would temper the rage against the attorney general who brought accountability to his department, but the opposite happened as senior Democrats in Congress used it as an occasion to excoriate Barr.

Ms. Severino concluded:

It is sad to see the woke Left turning its back on the rule of law and bedrock constitutional principles that made our country great, just because it is so desperate for power.

As we described previously, the Justice Department under Attorney General Barr is standing up for the Constitution and the rule of law, and facing relentless attacks simply because it is part of the Trump Administration.  Thanks to Attorney General Barr for being a leader with integrity who will do what is right despite the opposition.