Nominations: Democrat Obstruction and Lack of Transparency

While Democrats have been obstructing President Trump's nominees to an unprecedented extent, Joe Biden has yet to discuss his most important nominees, those to the Supreme Court. 

On the first, cloture had been invoked 32 times combined on the nominees of the previous four Presidents in their first times terms.  As of today, for President Trump's nominees, it has been invoked 298 times!  Cloture is a delaying tactic traditionally reserved for the most controversial of nominees.  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the Democrats have used it multiple times for people who have passed with no opposition.  Most recently on February 20 for Silvia Carreno-Coll who was confirmed in a 96-0 to be a U.S. District Judge.  Hardly controversial. 

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and Republican Senators changed the rules to make it easier to confirm certain nominees but cloture is still a delaying tactic being deployed by Schumer.

On the other hand, presumptive Democratic Party Presidential nominee Joe Biden does not want to discuss his potential Supreme Court nominees, like President Trump did in 2016.  There is bipartisan support for this as liberal Demand Justice and right-of-center Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino agree that Biden should release such a list.

As Severino points out, the reason Biden may not want to release a list is that he does not want to talk about Supreme Court nominees given his atrocious record on the topic.  As Judiciary Chairman Biden helped create the verb “to Bork” because of his handling of the confirmation of Judge Robert Bork.

The American public deserves more from Democrats.  Senator Schumer and his fellow Senators should stop obstructing nominees.  The presumptive Democratic Party Presidential nominee should also know a list of people from whom he would select a Supreme Court nominee.  While this is what the American public deserve, we aren’t holding our breath for it to happen.