Parental Rights Win Big in FL School Board Elections

When it comes to electing people who will defend our rights, many believe the races for statewide and federal office are the most important. However, races for local offices play a crucial role in ensuring that our liberties are preserved from the ground up. In Florida, parental rights won big during Tuesday's primary as several school districts had their school boards flip to conservative control:

Five school boards in Clay, Miami Dade, Duval, Sarasota, and Martin counties are now Republican-dominated. Miami’s takeover is especially notable as it became the largest county in America with a conservative school-board majority. . .

“Florida has led with purpose and conviction that our school system is about education, not indoctrination,” [Governor Ron DeSantis] tweeted Tuesday.

Republicans in Florida have made it one of their top priorities this election cycle to fight woke indoctrination in public schools:

Florida Republicans, led by DeSantis, poured thousands of dollars into school board races this year and offered up endorsements in historically nonpartisan races to push their education policies at the local level. Democrats followed suit by endorsing candidates of their own, setting off a new elections battleground.

Conservatives ran on a platform highlighting parental rights, school choice and transparency around what students are learning in school, particularly on the topics of race and gender identity.

Twitter accounts like "Libs of TikTok" regularly highlight how some school districts make it their official policy to go against the wishes of many parents. 

As RNLA has highlighted on several occasions, Democrats are clearly on the wrong side of history when it comes to parental rights in public schooling.