POTUS Upholds Law and Order in Kenosha

Yesterday, President Donald Trump visited Kenosha, Wisconsin to survey the damage caused be recent violent protests and to speak with community leaders.  Attorney General Bill Barr and Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wold also joined the President on the visit.  Their trip to Kenosha illustrates the President's commitment to public safety and law enforcement, while Joe Biden is unwilling to confront the reality that the far-left is fueling the fire — literally and figuratively — for violent protests across the country.

In line with the President's commitment to law and order, 26 Republican Attorneys General called on Democrats earlier today to condemn the violence that continues to escalate in American cities as violence in Portland reached its 100th day.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody told reporters:

The Democrats have made it clear with their actions over the last 100 days that they will stand by while radicals attack our officers and destroy our cities. . . It is unacceptable that the attorney general of any state would stand idly by and watch their own cities burn around them. We must restore stability and order to end this lawlessness.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge commented:

Unfortunately over the last 100 days, we have seen the threads of our democracy being ripped apart through violence, paid professional riots, tearing at the culture that makes America great. . . The concept that is being pushed, whether it's by our colleagues or from the top down or from lawless liberals whether elected or opinion leaders that we must defund the police is not only ludicrous — it’s dangerous. . . We must defend the police rather than defund the police.

Now that the poll numbers are showing that the unrest is hurting Joe Biden, he's finally addressing it.  That may seem like an easy task, but Joe Biden can't seem to get it right.  In response to Joe Biden's remarks during event earlier today, the Trump Campaign wrote:

We [didn’t] hear him condemn Antifa or call the rioters in our cities what they are: left-wing criminals aligned with the most extreme elements of the Democrat Party. He did, however, manage to find time to blame a Trump supporter in Portland for his own murder at the hands of leftist thugs. Joe Biden has already been defined in the minds of Americans – he is too weak to stand up to the leftist mob and he is a tool of the radicals in his party.

In a change of course, Joe Biden is will be visiting Kenosha on Thursday after his spokesperson told the press earlier in the week that he would not be "immediately" visiting the city. 

It remains to be seen whether Biden will finally acknowledge the source of the nation's unrest – the Left – when faced with the damage and destruction in person.