President Trump "Flips" Second and Eleventh Circuits

With the confirmation of Barbara Lagoa today, the number of judges appointed by Republican presidents versus Democratic presidents is now greater on three federal circuit courts than when President Trump took office.  Last week, the Second Circuit "flipped" from majority Democratic-appointed to majority Republican-appointed with the confirmation of Steve Menashi, and Judge Lagoa's confirmation today "flipped" the Eleventh Circuit.  As Ed Whelan wrote:

When Lagoa takes office (probably on Friday, I’m told), the Eleventh Circuit will have seven appointees of Republican presidents versus five appointees of Democratic presidents. At the outset of the Trump administration, the Eleventh Circuit had eight appointees of Democratic presidents, only three appointees of Republican presidents, and one vacancy. It will become the third federal appellate court to have flipped to a majority of appointees of Republican presidents. (The Third Circuit was the first to do so; the Second Circuit flipped just last week, upon the appointment of Steven Menashi.)

Six of the thirteen appellate courts—D.C., First, Fourth, Ninth, Tenth, Federal Circuit—still have a majority of Democratic appointees, and none of them seems likely to flip any time soon.

Upon Lagoa’s taking office, President Trump will have appointed five of the Eleventh Circuit’s twelve active judges. That’s the highest percentage (42%) of any appellate court, and a sixth pick (Andrew Brasher) is in the pipeline.

Conservatives cheered the change:

Thanks to President Trump and Senate Republicans for confirming so many superb judges who respect the rule of law to the federal appellate bench.