More Violent Protests Ensue as Dobbs Decision Looms

So far, we've seen protests targeting Supreme Court Justices and their children, pregnancy centers being routinely firebombed, and churches ruthlessly targeted and attacked by radical pro-choice advocates.  All of this and more following the leaked opinion in the Dobbs case that could overturn Roe v. Wade, and yet the Left refuses to condemn the most radical displays of violence by those on their side. 

Ruth Sent Us is one of the more dangerous pro-abortion activist groups taking part in the current demonstrations, named after the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Following the leak of the Dobbs draft opinion, Ruth Sent Us took to twitter to call for protests outside the homes of conservative Justices.  One tweet in particular listed the school that Justice Amy Coney Barrett sends her children to, requesting protesters to "voice your anger." 

While the group claims to promote peaceful protests, their commentary on recent events seems to reflect exactly the opposite.  When Justice Brett Kavanaugh's life was threatened by an assassination attempt last week, Ruth Sent Us implied there was not a lethal weapon on the assassin's person, despite the police verifying that the would-be assassin had a gun and a knife.  The group then proceeded to list the dates on which they will continue to protest at Supreme Court Justice's homes.  Ruth Sent Us also posted a tweet directly addressing Justice Kavanaugh's daughter, threatening that they knew where she went to school based on a billboard outside of the school grounds. 

These protests and intimidation tactics are not only dangerous but wholly depart from the legacy that Ruth Bader Ginsberg left behind when she passed.  The Justice was known to be collegiate and respectful, even to those she disagreed with. RBG had a lasting and well-known friendship with her adversary, the late Justice Antonin Scalia; she indisputably disagreed with packing the courts, despite the benefit she could incur from it; and RBG spoke out against certain liberal protests that were  "disrespectful."  All of these instances point to an honorable legacy that Ruth Sent Us threatens to tarnish should they continue to engage in such classless dissent. 

While there have been no direct connections between Ruth Sent Us and the violent attacks, the Left has nevertheless refused to condemn the violent targeting of conservative Justices and pro-life pregnancy centers. 

In the last six weeks, churches and pro-life organizations have been attacked a staggering forty-one times.

Over the weekend, a pregnancy center in Oregon was attacked by pro-abortion activists.  This center provides material help for mothers and children, including baby formula, which is already in limited supply.  While conservative elected officials and pro-life activists vehemently spoke out against these heinous crimes, there has been little to no response condemning the violence from the Left. 

On June 9, the President & CEO of Americans United for Life, Catherine Glenn Foster, commented on the circumstances:

"It's absolutely tragic.  No serious country allows its Justices and its judges to be attacked and threatened.  No serious country allows a nonprofit that exists to serve women to be attacked and threatened in this way... I just call on President Biden to show real bipartisanship and condemn these types of attacks and the rhetoric that inspires these would-be attackers."

When White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, was asked during a press conference to condemn the protests and the attacks on the pregnancy centers, she failed to do so.

The intimidation tactics that the Left continues to use and refuses to condemn are dangerous, and they must end before further harm comes about.  The Dobbs decision will be released within the next two and a half weeks, and leaders on both sides need to condemn violent protests no matter which way the court comes down.