Senate Democrats Going all out for Anti-Police, Pro-Drug Assistant AG Nominee

After the Senate Judiciary Committee was tied on whether to advance Vanita Gupta's nomination as Associate Attorney General last month, Senate Democrats have begun the process to advance Gupta's nomination to the floor despite remaining questions about her record in several key areas including her position on defunding the police and her relationship with the drug company Aventor. Senator Cornyn has warned that she may be the Biden Administration's "most dangerous" nominee to the Department of Justice.

On Wednesday, five Republican Senators sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland urging him to open an investigation into Avantor, a drug company that the letter alleges has an "apparent longstanding contribution to the opioid epidemic." As Carrie Severino explains, the letter raises concerns over whether Gupta's nomination should move forward:

The senators’ letter has significant implications for Vanita Gupta’s nomination to be associate attorney general. At her Senate confirmation hearing last month, Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee grilled Gupta on her massive stake in Avantor, as well as her prior advocacy in support of the decriminalization of “possession of all drugs.” Gupta was unable to muster a majority vote at the Senate Judiciary Committee’s markup of her nomination.

During a floor speech on Thursday, Senator Marsha Blackburn highlighted Gupta's deflection of past comments about decriminalizing drugs and defunding the police.

As Senator Cruz noted, Senate Judiciary's rules were violated when Gupta's nomination was pushed through the committee.  They even cut off Senator Cotton in the middle of his remarks.  

The confirmation process for Gupta should not continue until remaining questions about her record are answered.