Radical Liberals' Efforts to Intimidate Lawyers Will Not Succeed

They went after Paul Clement for winning a Supreme Court case.  The left has gone after the families of Supreme Court Justices and today the left went after Republican lawyers for representing their clients.  RNLA released the following statement:

The latest attacks on lawyers by The 65 Project are part of a broader effort to intimidate lawyers and law firms to prevent them from serving Republican, conservative, and libertarian clients.  Liberals in the legal profession even recently forced premier Supreme Court advocate Paul Clement to choose between loyalty to his client, as required by the ethical rules of every jurisdiction, and continued employment at his law firm; he chose loyalty to his client.  But such a choice should not be required.  Lawyers have a duty to uphold the high ethical and moral standards of the legal profession and ensure that everyone receives zealous representation, from Guantanamo Bay detainees to pro-life advocacy organizations and everyone in between.   This disturbing pattern of intimidation by liberal activists and their sympathizers must stop. 

As legal ethics scholars such as Fordham's Bruce Green stated:   

Some legal scholars have also questioned The 65 Project’s tactics, worrying that their campaign — buttressed by TV ad buys and publicity heavy rollouts of new complaints — upends the traditionally confidential process for attorney disciplinary proceedings.

“That’s basically designed to embarrass these lawyers and that may have the effect of discouraging lawyers from engaging in politically involved work, even if they’re playing by the rules,” Bruce Green, a legal ethics scholar at Fordham University, told CNN in an interview this year.

All the polls agree that this looks like a very difficult year for Democrats and the liberals' attempts to prevent Republican lawyers from representing clients is just another example of the worst in politics.