Redistricting: Democrat Overreach Leads to Infighting and GOP Gains

The Democrat controlled state legislature of New York ignored their Constitution to concoct an outrageous ultra-partisan gerrymander of New York state.  The courts rejected that and state Democrats are now paying a heavy price.  Under the special master's adopted map liberal House Democrat heavyweights are now going to be forced to face off against each other in primaries, foremost among these:

The maps set up an explosive clash between two longtime Democrats who now find themselves drawn into the same district. In statements after the maps were released, Nadler and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D) both said they would run for the same district.

Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and Maloney, chair of the House Oversight Committee, both won election to Congress in 1992.

It is more than a battle of liberal Congressional heavyweights; it even has Democrats hurling accusations of racism at their leaders. 

Just moments after the new draft map was revealed last Monday, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney—the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee—announced that he would not be running in the district where most of his current constituents reside but would instead run in the 17th congressional district.

Maloney’s decision infuriated many other Democrats, who accused him of prioritizing running for a safer seat rather than trying to maintain control of the district where most of his constituents reside, and attempting to muscle out Black lawmakers in doing so. (The newly drawn 18th congressional district would have supported President Joe Biden by a single-digit margin in 2020.) Jones told Politico that Maloney did not inform him before announcing that he would run in the 17th congressional district, which “tells you everything you need to know about Sean Patrick Maloney.” In a tweet last week, Representative Ritchie Torres, a Black lawmaker who currently represents a district in the Bronx, cited reporting by Punchbowl News that Maloney allies believed Jones would be ideologically suited to another district.

“The thinly veiled racism here is profoundly disappointing. A black man is ideologically ill suited to represent a Westchester County District that he represents presently and won decisively in 2020? Outrageous,” Torres tweeted, arguing that the solution was for Maloney to run in the 18th congressional district, which he primarily represents.

This is a mess of the Democrats' own making

[Judge McAllister] defended the final maps as “almost perfectly neutral” with 15 safe Democratic seats, three safe Republican seats and eight swing seats.

The final map was a stark disappointment for Democrats, who control every lever of power in New York and had entered this year’s decennial redistricting cycle with every expectation of gaining seats.

They appeared to be successful in February, when the Legislature adopted a congressional map that would have made their candidates favorites in 22 of 26 districts, an improvement from the 19 Democrats currently hold. . . .

But Republicans sued in state court, and Justice McAllister, a judge in the state’s rural Southern Tier, ruled that the districts violated a 2014 state constitutional amendment outlawing partisan gerrymandering and reforming the mapmaking process in New York.

In late April, the New York Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, upheld the decision and ordered a court-appointed special master to redraw the lines.

The last word goes to the GOP who could win as many as 11 of the 26 New York House Districts.  Keep in mind that the unconstitutional Democrat plan was for Democrats to have a partisan advantage in 22 of the 26 districts.  They currently hold 19 of the 27 Congressional Districts, one of which was lost due to census reapportionment.  As New York GOP Chair Nick Langworthy stated:

“Today is a good day for democracy. Democrats’ scheme to rig the election is finally dead beyond revival. We took on this fight on behalf of the 20 million citizens of this state who deserve free and fair elections. It should not be forgotten by voters that Governor Hochul, DCCC Chair Congressman Maloney, and Senator Gianaris were the chief architects of this outrageous and illegal attempt to strip New Yorkers of their rights and cheat, all at an enormous cost to taxpayers. This is yet another reason why one-Party rule must be demolished in this year’s election, which we look forward to competing in on the merits.”