Republicans Provide Stark Contrast to Biden Border Visit

Two separate groups of Republican senators had eventful visits to the southern border this week, providing a stark contrast to President Biden's visit over the weekend. As we noted earlier this week, the Biden visit was short and provided a sanitized look at the issues facing border states.

The first group of senators was bipartisan and included Republican Senators Cornyn, Lankford, Tillis, and Moran.

The second group was led by Republican women—Senators Blackburn, Hyde-Smith, and Britt.

Both groups of senators witnessed border crossings.

The groups also met extensively with everyone from law enforcement to local citizens who are dealing with the negative effects of Biden's Border Crisis on a daily basis. 

It took President Biden two years into his term to visit the border. It took Senator Britt less than one week into her term as Senator.

Republicans are once again taking the lead on facing the border crisis head on.