Results Outstanding in Critical AZ and NV Races

Polls have been closed for a day, and we still don't know the outcome of some of the most consequential races from the 2022 midterms. In Arizona, hundreds of thousands of ballots are outstanding statewide, leaving the results of important races, like the Gubernatorial and Senate, unclear. (You can follow RNLA Chair Harmeet Dhillon for the latest on Arizona.)

Nevada is experiencing a similar problem, making the outcome of the state's hotly contested Senate race up in the air.

As we noted yesterday, Florida's administration of elections provides a stark contrast. The outcomes of all major races were determined on Election Day. This has allowed state officials to get back to governing—especially as a tropical storm is expected to hit the state over the next few days.

It is imperative that states take election reforms seriously in the future for Americans to have faith in the outcome of our elections.