RNLA Praises Lawyers for Trump National Co-Chairs

Earlier today, RNLA published a press release applauding the creation of Lawyers for Trump and praising its national co-chairs. Lawyers for Trump's co-chairs include RNLA's Co-Chair and California RNC Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon, RNLA Board of Governors member Stefan Passantino, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, and Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. All four are fantastic choices to lead this crucial coalition needed to ensure open, fair, and honest elections this fall.

RNLA leadership is excited to be working with the coalition led by co-chairs who are preeminent attorneys fighting for the rule of law.

On Co-Chair Harmeet Dhillon, RNLA Executive Director Michael Thielen said:

I have known Harmeet for over a decade. She has always been a fighter and a leader. Whether it is battling the California Government to allow President Trump on the ballot or for college students’ First Amendment rights, Harmeet has been a leading lawyer who fights for what is right and wins. She will make a great Co-Chair for Lawyers for Trump."

On Co-Chair Stefan Passantino, RNLA President David Warrington stated:

Stefan is widely respected for both his legal skills and his personal integrity. He has long been a leader in the RNLA, and we have been privileged to work with him on many projects, including our ballot access project before the 2016 election, which he led. Congratulations to him on the well-deserved honor of being named Co-Chair of Lawyers for Trump, and the RNLA looks forward to continuing to work with him to promote open, fair, and honest elections.

On Co-Chair Ken Paxton, RNLA Chair Manuel Iglesias said:

Attorney General Paxton has been a leader in the fight against vote fraud in Texas and a national voice supporting the rule of law, especially when fighting back against federal overreach under the Obama administration. His experience and expertise will be a vital addition to Lawyers for Trump and its efforts to ensure an open, fair, and honest election this fall.

On Co-Chair Leslie Rutledge, RNLA First Vice President David Bowsher noted:

As Attorney General of Arkansas, Leslie Rutledge has clearly demonstrated that she is one of our best and brightest. President Trump is fortunate to have her as one of the leaders of Lawyers for Trump.

RNLA will be hosting a Lawyers for Trump briefing on Friday, July 31st at 2:00 p.m. ET for RNLA members to learn how they can support the campaign in their home state and what volunteer lawyers can do to ensure election integrity. The briefing will include special addresses from President Trump's campaign legal counsel and from a national co-chair of Lawyers for Trump. You can register for the briefing here!

Join Lawyers for Trump today by visiting lawyers.donaldjtrump.com or texting JUSTICE to 88022.