RNLA Women Leaders React to Democrats' Treatment of Women's Accusations

Today, RNLA Co-Chair Joanne Young and RNLA Vice President for Communications Harmeet Dhillon issued a statement about how Democrats use allegations of mistreatment by women for partisan purposes.

RNLA Vice President for Communications Harmeet Dhillon stated:

Today’s reports of how the Democratic Party has unfairly treated and ignored Rep. Keith Ellison’s accuser show yet again how Democrat leaders play politics with allegations by women and have no interest in the truth on sexual assault. They continue to support Rep. Ellison, Deputy Chair of the DNC, despite mounting evidence against him of recent abuse, yet they do not even want to let Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser testify, publicly or privately, about her decades-old allegations.

While Republicans have offered to protect Dr. Ford in a variety of ways, including allowing her to testify privately in California, Democrats have allegedly “smeared” and “threatened” Rep. Ellison’s accuser. Accusations about mistreatment of women should never be partisan events, but that is how today’s Democrats are treating these women’s allegations, without regard to who is harmed in the reckless quest for advantage at the polls.

RNLA Co-Chair Joanne Young agreed:

Republicans, led by Chairman Grassley, have been fair to all parties involved and treated Dr. Ford with the utmost respect by taking her claims seriously. Senator Feinstein ignored Dr. Ford’s allegations for months, only acknowledging them when it was politically expedient.

If Senate Democrats and Dr. Ford’s attorneys continue to resist having Dr. Ford share her story in whatever method she finds most comfortable for her, the Senate Judiciary Committee and the entire Senate should move forward to vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

While the Democrats claim to be the party that champions women, events like these show how they are willing to use or ignore women to gain partisan advantage.