Senate Confirms 3 New FEC Commissioners

For the first time since 2017, all of the seats on the Federal Election Commission are filled. Allen Dickerson, Sean Cooksey, and Shana Broussard were confirmed by the Senate earlier today. Dickerson and Cooksey are Republicans, while Broussard is a Democrat. Some may find it odd for a Republican President to appoint a Democrat, but no more than 3 of the 6 commissioners can be from the same political party. The votes for the Republican nominees were largely along party lines.

Notably, Broussard is the first black FEC commissioner. She most recently served as counsel to FEC Commissioner Steven Walther.

In August, FEC Chair Trey Trainor urged for the nomination and confirmation of additional commissioners. The body has lacked a quorum since former Commissioner Caroline Hunter resigned in June. Some have taken advantage of the lack of quorum to circumvent the FEC's oversight, leading to what Chair Trainor has referred to as "procedural disfunction."

Allen Dickerson and Sean Cooksey will join Chairman Trainor in respecting the rule of law, due process, and free speech rights — fulfilling a vital role of the Commission that Democrats in the past have hampered by failing to fill enough seats to conduct meaningful business. 

Both Dickerson and Cooksey were praised on Twitter upon their confirmation. The importance of the two new commissioners being added to the FEC was noted by many.

Thank you Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Rules Chairman Roy Blunt for ensuring the confirmation of the new commissioners before the adjournment of the 116th congress.