Senate Republicans Call on Judiciary Dems to Hold Hearing on Biden Border Crisis

Senate Judiciary Republicans led by Chuck Grassley are calling on Chairman Dick Durbin to call a hearing on President Joe Biden's worsening border crisis:

“It is time for this Committee’s willful blindness to the situation at our southern border to come to an end. It is not a ‘challenge,’ and it is not ‘seasonal.’ It is a crisis of historic and monumental proportions that deserves this Committee’s immediate attention,” the senators wrote. “No matter how much the Committee majority may want to ignore the crisis at the southern border and neglect its responsibilities to conduct oversight of the Biden Administration’s immigration policies, it can do so no longer.”

After months of record-breaking numbers of illegal border crossings, the Senate Judiciary Committee has held no hearings and made no effort to secure testimony from the Biden Administration officials charged with handling the crisis.

In the past, the Committee has held numerous hearings on issues of border security:

In the 115th and 116th Congresses, when Republicans held the senate majority and the White House, Chairmen Grassley and Graham held numerous hearings related to the oversight of immigration enforcement, administration and controversies—including many on topics of interest to the Democratic minority, including “Oversight of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security,” “Oversight of the Administration’s Decision to End Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” and “The Humanitarian and Security Crisis at our Southern Border.” Grassley and Sen. John Cornyn first sought a full committee or subcommittee hearing months ago.

It's unsurprising that Chairman Durbin is refusing to call a hearing on the issue. As Judiciary member Senator Ted Cruz pointed out during a visit the southern border this week, Democrats are "actively refusing to follow the law" in the area of immigration.

Instead of even considering a hearing on the mounting crisis at the border, Judiciary Democrats have announced that they will hold a hearing that amounts to a strategy session about how they can circumvent the recent decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to allow a Texas abortion law to go into effect.

As usual, Senate Democrats conveniently ignore the most pressing issues faced by the country when they don't fit into their power-grabbing agenda.