Support for Voter ID Remains High Across Demographics

Polling done by the Honest Elections Project provided to Washington Secrets columnist Paul Bedard proves that support for requiring photo ID to vote remains strong across demographics, even increasing over the last year:

“Photo ID laws are a case in point: Support for photo ID laws is seven points higher than a year ago. Left-wing special interests and politicians like President Biden carried out an intense, often misleading, campaign meant to stir opposition to policies like strong voter ID. Their efforts have had the opposite effect. More people than ever — including most black and Hispanic voters — back photo ID laws,” said the polling analysis provided to Secrets.

The outcome of this poll is unsurprising, considering that Americans consistently show overwhelming support for voting integrity measures like requiring voter ID.

Among other things, the Honest Elections Project poll also found that Americans are not in favor of ballot trafficking or private funding of elections through "Zuckerbucks." 

Despite tremendous support for commonsense voter integrity measures from every voting class, Democrats continue to push for a federal takeover of elections.

Republicans want to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat, and polling repeatedly shows that the American people wholeheartedly agree with them.