The Baseless Innuendo Game Against Kavanaugh Continues

Just when you thought it could not get anymore ridiculous or the smears any worse, Senator Dick Durbin takes off on a new tact.  Knowing FBI reports are confidential, he tweeted:

Now think about this. Through multiple confirmation hearings (including for the DC Circuit), Durbin never brought this up.  Neither did any other Senator.  Yet now there is an issue in those past 6 FBI reports?  This is a classic, like the “there is a problem with Mitt Romney’s taxes” tactic used by Harry Reid. Reid famously said that when there was nothing there.  Yet the media reported Reid's charge breathlessly. 

Fortunately the Senate Judiciary Committee under Senator Chuck Grassley fought back:  


Thank you, Chairman Grassley.  Let's hope the media does not report this one.  

We also want to thank Senator Orrin Hatch for his defense of the newest accusations and innuendos, that are unique in that they have a grain of truth.  Judge Kavanaugh likes beer.  Gasp!  He has had a few too many some times and drank under age.  (We find it ironic that Democrats are not upset about this after ignoring a young Barack Obama’s cocaine use when he was young.) 

However, Democrats are taking this liking beer to mean he is unfit for the court.  The devout Mormon Senator Orrin Hatch does an excellent job defending him:

Countless articles have been written about how Judge Kavanaugh “lied” about his high-school and college drinking at the hearing, thereby calling into question his honesty. These articles claim the judge portrayed himself as a “choirboy” who, in the words of the New York Times, enjoyed “a beer or two as a high school and college student.” Then they hit back with quotes from college acquaintances who say they saw the judge drink quite a lot.

This is known in the business as a straw man. Judge Kavanaugh never claimed he always drank in moderation. To the contrary, he admitted, “Sometimes I had too many beers.” If Judge Kavanaugh’s opponents want to claim he lied about his drinking when he was younger, perhaps they should stop lying about what he actually said.

A slightly different straw man concerns Judge Kavanaugh’s statements at the hearing that he never blacked out from drinking. The Times and others have gathered testimonials from classmates who say they heard the judge “slur his words” and saw him “staggering” from alcohol consumption, as if this were proof that he blacked out from drinking. But of course Judge Kavanaugh never denied that he slurred his words or staggered. He said he never blacked out. Even a teetotaling Mormon knows the difference.

What’s going on here is obvious. Having failed to bring down Judge Kavanaugh with unsubstantiated allegations of sexual abuse, his opponents are now trying to call into question his character in defending himself from those allegations. It’s the ultimate set-up job. If the initial charges don’t work, we’ll destroy him when he defends himself. The good judge is damned no matter what he does.

Thanks to leaders like Chairman Grassley and Senator Hatch, the Democrats' efforts to bring down Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination will likely fail.  We hope the public at large will realize what a smear job this is by the Democrats.